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John W. Veenstra and Elizabeth Veenstra Foundation
The John Veenstra and Elizabeth Veenstra Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization established to provide funds to support research on biodiversity of feed and livestock; water, food and land preservation, health and longevity, including lifestyle and education.

April 23, 2009: US Patent Application: 20090106233 QUERY ENGINE INTERPRETER AND PRIORITIZATION ENGINE
A method for refining a search query includes receiving a query from a user, submitting at least one question to the user based on information provided in the query, and receiving an answer to the question from the user. The method also includes refining the query based on the answer received from the user, querying the database using the refined query to identify a subset of records tagged with categories relevant to the query, and delivering search results to the user. John W. Veenstra, John Veenstra, Inventor

October 9, 2008: US Patent Application: 20080249939 Systems and Methods for Using Interactive Devices for Identification, Security, and Authentication
A computer implemented method of using data from 1 or more physical devices to process business logic. The devices can comprise of things like a mobile phone or hand set, a cell phone system tower, a GPS satellite, cable systems set top box, a business machine like a merchant's credit card processing machine or a unique personal communication device. The data received from the different device(s) is analyzed by a server(s) to determine things like location, best practice, fraud, identification, secure data ownership, payment verification and the presence of a device owner's actual control of the physical device or a physical asset. John W. Veenstra, John Veenstra, Inventor

January 31, 1996: US Patent 5,930,474 Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information
Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information . A software interface organizes information predicated upon the geographical area of the resources about which the information is desired. John W. Veenstra, John Veenstra Co-inventor. (

GeoTag Management Group
John W. Veenstra is the fomer CEO of GeoTag Management Group, which manages a portfolio of operating companies using GeoTag® location based technology under US Patent 5930474.