Life - John Veenstra

John W. Veenstra previously presided as the CEO of GeoTag Management Group of Plano, Texas. GeoTag Management manages a portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries using GeoTag location based technology. Mr. Veenstra continues to lead innovation, technology and marketing of new product lines ranging from geographic search engines, yellow pages, B2B exchanges, financial services and fraud protection services, as well as geographic subscription services.

Mr. Veenstra and his wife, Elizabeth are actively involved in the charitable organization, The John and Elizabeth Veenstra Foundation which is dedicated to provide funds to support research on biodiversity of feed and livestock; water, food and land preservation, health and longevity, including lifestyle and education.

John W. Veenstra is married and lives in Plano, Texas and spends his free time at the family farm.


The John and Elizabeth Veenstra Foundation