History - John Veenstra

Raised in the small town of Fremont Michigan, John Veenstra has led a life of inventing. With nearly 40 years of creating new inventions, and a long portfolio of achievements, Veenstra previously presided as CEO of GeoTag Management Group. 

John began his career in 1967 at Chrysler Corporation which was – at the time – the fifth largest corporation in the world. John joined Chrysler’s High Potential Management Development Program, the most prestigious program of its kind in the country. 

During his 4 years at Chrysler, John created the first of his many innovations – the process of automated manufacturing portion control and an investment aggregation system for the commercial paper market. During this time, he was introduced to his first computer system when he participated in the installation of the industry’s first mainframe human resource database application.

In the early 1970’s, John joined The Corl Group as Chief Financial Officer. As part of the Senior Management team of this mid-western conglomerate, John invented Factory Built Housing and the fiberglass bathtub. John simultaneously installed the first IBM mini-computer in the country. 

In the late 1970’s John became VP of Sales and Marketing for Emory Airfreight where he designed and implemented the industry’s first National Account Sales Program. John used some of the first Apple computers to manage sales representatives and provide shipment tracking. This resulted in dramatic customer acquisition and revenue increases from $10 million to $350 million in the course of 2 years. The methodologies and systems designed by John in the 1970’s remain the standard for today’s transportation and logistics industry. 

In the early 1980’s, with the introduction of IBM’s first PC, John started one of the early PC retail businesses. Boardroom Business Products became one of the largest retail chains and featured an innovative central configuration and delivery system which forms the basis of Dell computers current operations. 

In the early 1990’s John shifted focus almost exclusively to software with his next invention being the concept of electronic forms. John sold the first major order of HP laser printers and exposed HP to the fact that software applications sell hardware. John established a close working relationship with HP and created for them a business plan that entailed selling printers at slightly above cost and earning high margin revenue from the sale of disposable printer cartridges. This business model still stands today and represents 85% of HP’s revenue. 

In 1995, John began working on patented inventions associated with the newly emerging Internet and patented geographic search under US patent 5930474 (www.5930474.com). He founded Zland.com, in 1995, where he lead the team that created the first tools for database publishing into HTML pages; the first online industry portal, school site, community site and yellow page site; and created the Application Service Provider (ASP) industry. 

John Veenstra is formerly the CEO of GeoTag Management Group of Plano, Texas until its sale in early 2009. GeoTag Management managed a portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries using GeoTag location based technology. Mr. Veenstra continues to lead innovation, technology and marketing of new product lines ranging from geographic search engines, yellow pages, B2B exchanges, financial services and fraud protection services, as well as geographic subscription services. In December 2010, Mr. Veenstra was recenly hired as CEO of GeoTag, Inc. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of GeoTag Inc in late February 2011.